leaving Laverne Cox off of the Time top 100 despite the overwhelming support she received is an act of violence and erasure towards trans women



Congratulations to Alexandra Hedison and Oscar-winner Jodie Foster on getting married!  


Please consider emailing Time magazine at to get them to reconsider not putting Laverne Cox on their list. She overwhelmingly got voted in at 91.5%, but was not put on there. Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood had 25% of the vote and was put on there.
The erasure of trans*women, and women of color needs to stop. Ms. Cox does nothing but good work.

I just LOVE it when something triggers my body image anxiety and then I start questioning how everyone is looking at me and how my body looks and just UGH.

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pedro pascal + got cast candids

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#do you mean Game of Thrones?

#do you mean Game of Thrones?

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